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Embark on our bespoke 90-Day Growth Plans, expertly tailored for small to medium businesses across various sectors. Our meticulously crafted packages are your gateway to a transformed social media presence, ensuring your brand connects deeply with your target audience, regardless of your industry.

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DigiLegion drives growth for diverse industries globally with custom social media strategies, expertly catering to each client’s unique needs.


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We create posts that showcase your expertise, highlight your services, and encourage engagement and website visits. Every post features eye-catching pictures or videos, tailor-made for you, with engaging captions and tags.

Our team crafts unique content optimized for cross-platform impact, tailoring each post to the specificities of each social network—image specs, hashtags, and character counts included.

Choose from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, or LinkedIn—with our Thrive plan, engage on all four simultaneously.

For example, with a 12-post plan spanning four networks, we deliver 48 uniquely adapted posts. Opt for three networks, and that number becomes 36. Each version is crafted to maximize your brand’s social media presence.

Our top-notch social media scheduling tool takes care of posting your content seamlessly to your social media profiles. You’ll link up your accounts directly, ensuring your passwords stay private. It’s designed to support all major social media platforms.

Absolutely! Our service includes the creation of customized video content suitable for all major social platforms. We can work with your original footage or blend stock footage with dynamic graphic elements to craft engaging videos. These are available in all our plans and can be fashioned into Instagram Reels, Facebook video posts, TikTok videos, and more.

Yes, we fine-tune the images, text, and tags for every social media site, keeping the main message consistent across all channels.

We tailor content to fit each platform’s style and requirements, like adjusting the length of text or image sizes, but the core message stays consistent across all networks you choose for us to manage.

Once you join us, we’ll dive into understanding your unique business position. After choosing a package, you’ll be paired with a social media expert ready to enrich your online presence.

Absolutely, we welcome your input! Send us anything you have — logos, images, brand colors — through Google Drive, Dropbox, or email. We’ll incorporate these into the custom graphics we create for you.
We use an onboarding form and in-depth analysis of your online presence, market, and competition to craft content that resonates uniquely with your brand.
Our specialized team across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe creates your content, with a dedicated expert managing it from creation to final tweaks.
Absolutely! We create each post as a unique destination, ensuring that it genuinely embodies and showcases the spirit of your brand and the richness of experiences you offer.

While we can craft content without any specific assets, we recommend that you supply us with your logo and branding guidelines to ensure consistency. If available, additional materials like images, fonts, and short videos are also welcome and can enhance the final output.

We have writers based in the UK, Canada, US, and Europe with clients globally! We can research and optimize content for any location.

No, our services are not currently extended to Threads or Pinterest. We cater to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, and we support TikTok and YouTube Shorts for your short video.
We use Google Drive for easy sharing of documents, images, and other materials. Our team will familiarize themselves with your content and conduct additional research to craft your posts. As we work together, we’ll become increasingly attuned to your specific needs, streamlining the collaboration.
We specialize in organic content creation and publishing, not paid advertising.
We excel in creating dynamic content for small to medium-sized businesses across various sectors.
Let us know! We craft compelling content that magnifies the reach and appeal of your promotions, creating a buzz that directs customers to your offerings.
Yes, absolutely! Transparency and collaboration are key in our process. You’ll have full access to our advanced scheduling platform. Here, you can preview, review, and give feedback on each post before it goes live. Want tweaks or adjustments? No problem! We’re here to collaborate and ensure that each piece of content aligns perfectly with your vision and meets your standards before it graces your social media pages.

Absolutely! It’s your social media, after all. You can post whenever you like. Our job is to ensure a consistent content flow, but we’re always happy to see clients actively engaged.

Certainly! We’ll set the foundation, ensuring that your social media platforms are well-positioned to embark on a successful journey through the dynamic landscapes of your industry.

While our journey is aimed at bolstering your brand’s presence and engagement, the paths to increased leads and sales become more navigable, with results that resonate with the authenticity and appeal of your offerings.

You can pause content creation at any time! For cancellations we require 15 days notice.

Our expertise lies in creating content that captures and maintains your audience’s attention across various industries. We believe that the most genuine and effective interactions should come directly from your brand’s unique voice, fostering authentic connections with your audience.

Should you prefer to outsource engagement tasks, we offer comprehensive community management services. This includes timely and professional responses to comments, messages, and customer feedback. Our approach ensures that your audience remains engaged and well-informed, enhancing the overall interaction experience with your brand.

No, we don’t need your passwords. You’ll connect your social media accounts directly to our scheduling tool on your own, ensuring your login details remain private. However, if you opt for our Instagram growth service add-on, we will then require your password to provide this specific service.

We’ll kick off with a strategic session to align on your brand’s vision, followed by regular email communication. Expect updates and opportunities for feedback bi-weekly.